What are the benefits?

The solution is not about trying to convince a woman to do anal by talking her into trying it. The solution is to arouse and pleasure the body and mind simultaneously to provide consistent and amazing pleasure to take her from “no way that’s going to feel good” or “maybe” to “OMG that feels incredible!!!” …

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For Whom

The content is design for a woman who is curious or scared of trying anal stimulation and sex, has never tried it, or did try it, but it was a bad experience. Also, for a man who tried introducing anal sex to their partner, but it did not go well. However, he still wants to …

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The What and The How

This book demonstrates scientific research that shows women have stronger and more intense orgasms from anal sex. The content provides a proven, pleasurable, and caring method to arouse a woman’s body and mind so she can experience her ultimate orgasms and sexuality, especially through anal stimulation. This is a detailed step-by-step guide that gradually and …

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