About EF

Our Flow

Erotic Flow (EF) was started to help couples cultivate the art of creating sensual, passionate, and erotic experiences. EF provides the knowledge and tools so that couples can express their erotic souls. Devising creative erotic experiences is the art of my soul. I want to inspire people to fall in love with pleasuring their lover, creating erotic experiences, and flowing together.

Erotic is about creative, sensual, and passionate sexual expression. Flow is about two entities becoming one, sending one another erotic energy, and getting lost in the moment. Therefore, Erotic Flow is about creatively expressing the art of your erotic soul, about creating moments when you and your lover's passion, energy, and soul become one. Moments when you become lost in one another, when nothing else exists, except the intense, deep, and delicious connection with your lover.

It is giving pleasure with every cell in your body and having every ounce of your soul engulfed in the ecstasy of each other's chemistry, when you feel every kiss, lick, and suck coming from your entire body. It is stimulating all the senses (what is seen, tasted, smelled, heard, and felt) and ultimately seducing each other's mind, body, and soul.

Our products and services will contribute to creating this experience.

This website is designed to deliver a multimedia learning experience. We will provide music, videos, products, services, social networking, consulting, and education to people who are interested in expressing their erotic souls. We are currently planning expansion of the site to facilitate the social networking of individuals with similar interests.