Erotic Facts

1. "Changing norms may affect the frequency of heterosexual anal sex behaviors and
suggests that there is a role for the "exotic" in the sexual repertoires of some heterosexuals."
"For a certain number of heterosexuals, anal intercourse is pleasurable, exciting,
and perhaps considered more intimate than vaginal sex"
McBride, Sanders, and Hill (2009) investigated the prevalence of non-intercourse
anal sex behaviors among a sample of men (n=1,299) and women (n=1,919) with anal
intercourse experience and found that 51% of men and 43% of women had participated
in at least one act of oral–anal sex, manual–anal sex, or anal sex toy use. McBride,
K. R., Sanders, S. A., & Hill, B. (2009). Unpublished data.
McBride, Kimberly R.
Fortenberry, J. Dennis
Heterosexual Anal Sexuality and Anal Sex Behaviors: A Review
Journal of Sex Research Mar-Jun2010, Vol. 47 Issue 2/3

2."The Bottom Line," published in New York Magazine, (EM & LO, 2007)
and "Is Anal Sex the New Deal Breaker," published in Men's Style (Men's
Style, 2007), was conducted by Kimberly R. McBride in September 2007. In
addition, a blog that related to the Men's Style article was reviewed. Quotations from
individuals who were interviewed for the articles or who posted comments on the blog
were analyzed for themes, and those found to be recurrent were organized into conceptual
categories. Six broad categories were identified, including intimacy– trust–gifting,
novelty–variety, control–domination, taboo–forbidden–erotic, pain–pleasure, and relationship
status–context. .. Examples of quotations supporting each category are as follows:
Intimacy–trust–gifting: "For me, anal sex is very intimate, much more so than regular sex." (Female respondent)
Novelty–variety: "Variety is sexy." (Male respondent)
Control–domination: "For most of my friends, it's sort of a domination thing." (Male
Taboo–forbidden–erotic: ". . . and breaking taboos is sexy." (Female respondent)
Pain–pleasure: "I think it can feel good for anyone—except if you're too uptight about it,
meaning, you're literally tight assed." (Female respondent)
Relationship status–context: "I first did it with my husband. It was a regular part of our married sex life, and I enjoyed it." (Female respondent)
EM & LO. (2007). The bottom line. New York Magazine. Retrieved December 3, 2009, from

3."based on a survey of 15,246 respondents in the United States Seventy-five percent of men and 41% of women had intentionally viewed or downloaded porn."
"Clear gender differences are apparent in what people are seeing as the benefit of watching porn. A significantly larger portion of women than men reported benefits related to improving sex with their current partner, for example, being more open to new things (26% versus 24%, respectively); making it easier to talk about what we want (26% versus 23%, respectively); and watching together to enhance arousal (19% versus 16%, respectively)."
JOURNAL OF SEX RESEARCH, 45(2), 175–186, 2008
Sex in America Online: An Exploration of Sex, Marital Status, and Sexual Identity in Internet Sex Seeking and Its Impacts Julie M. Albright

4.Internet's success is based on the link between "high demand for a huge variety of sexual needs (and) a huge supply"
Ross, M., Rosser, B., McCurdy, S., & Feldman, J. (2007). The advantages and limitations of seeking sex online: A comparison of reasons given for online and offline sexual liaisons by men who have sex with men. The Journal of Sex Research, 44(1), 59–71.

"I'd say the Internet is my primary source of information on sex now. It gives you the anonymity you might want, and I can learn about the biological side of a woman's body, how things work and how to make sex more pleasurable. The Internet gives you the opinions of millions of different people from around the world, so it's interesting. Male, 28, Business Consultant, Budapest, Hungary"
"I had to develop general life confidence from a very early age. Because of my age and my general life experience I am very confident with sex. I would rate myself as an 8 out of 10 on sexual confidence. As I have got older I have learned more about sexual techniques, and how to preserve my energy. I have been married three times and my wife is a lot younger than me. Knowing how things work and how to relate to your partner really make a difference when it comes to sexual confidence.
Male, 65, Engineer, New York, USA"
Durex 2008 Face of global sex

5. "As an individual turns 1 year older, he or she becomes more confident about his or her sexuality, reaching a plateau at the age of 40. " ie. Sexual confidence grows with age and experience. The predictors of sexual confidence M Fontes, P Roach Poster presentation: 10th Congress of the European Society of Contraception, Prague 2008: abstract No. P219 Accessible through:

6. National Survey of Family Growth found that 34% men and 30% women reported ever participating in heterosexual anal sex. The percentage of participants reporting heterosexual anal sex was significantly higher among 20- to 24-year-olds and peaked among 30- to 34-year-olds.
Leichliter, J. S., Chandra, A., Liddon, N., Fenton, K. A., & Aral, S. (2007). Prevalence and correlates of heterosexual anal and oral sex in adolescents and adults in the United States. Journal of Infectious Disease, 196, 1852–1859.

7. Gorbach et al. found that the use of sex toys was associated with anal intercourse in men and women.
Gorbach, P. M., Manhart, L. E., Hess, K. L., Stoner, B. P., Martin, D. H., & Holmes, K. K. (2009). Anal intercourse among young heterosexuals in three sexually transmitted disease clinics in the United States. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 36, 193–198.

8.McBride and Janssen (2007) found that the majority of men (n¼631) and women (n=856) who reported heterosexual anal intercourse in the past 12 months were in exclusive, monogamous relationships: 69% and 73%, respectively.
McBride, K. R., & Janssen, E. (2007, November). Condom use and anal intercourse in heterosexual men and women. Paper presented at the 135th Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association, Washington, D.C.

9. National results for Durex British 2009 sex survey:
Have you had anal sex and if so, how often?
Only occasionally 29.35
Regularly 7.64
No but would like to 17.4
Have you participated in any of the following...?
Talking about sexual fantasies with partner 70.68
Role play (including dressing up) 42.96
Wearing my partner's clothing 17.72
Spanking 40.76
Bondage 23.89
Dogging/Voyeurism 7.83
Exhibitionism 8.51
Swinging 3.08
Threesome 15.64
Group sex 5.38
Watching porn 65.
Phone sex 45.05
Watersports 8.41
Daisy chaining 1.
Same sex relationship 9.35
None of the above 6.84
None of the above but would like to try 4.62

Do you own or have you tried any of the following...?
Cock ring 35.3
Vibrator 53.19
Clitoral stimulator 31.31
Pleasure-enhancing condoms 46.22
Lubricants 67.17
Handcuffs 37.97
Butt plug 8.05
Prostate tickler 2.86
Sex doll 1.44
Nipple clamps 5.27
Whips/spanking paddles 11.73
Visited a strip club 22.15
Visited a sex club 7.23
Paid for sex 5.33
Had a sex buddy 29.64
None of the above 7.1
None of the above, but would like to try 7.23

If you wanted to know about sex, where would you get the information?
Online 56.62
Friends 9.03
A family planning or young person's clinic 8.52
Sexual partner 7.57
Pornography 3.97
The media (e.g. magazines and newspapers) 3.98
Don't know 3.95
None of these 3.02
Parents 1.77
School 0.84
TV 0.74

10. "In particular, the more willingly people engage in various tasks of their relationship, the greater their commitment, satisfaction, intimacy, and vitality within the relationship. In contrast, the more pressured or coerced they feel about engaging in their relational activities, the more poorly their relationship functions. "

The unique contributions of motivations to maintain a relationship and motivations toward relational activities to relationship well-being

Motivation and Emotion, Volume 33, Number 2 / June, 2009

11.Durex Sex Survey 2006 with 26,032 respondents in 26 countries and online in 25 countries. We have used a sample size of 1,000 for the majority of countries surveyed which is the recommended sample size required for social policy and PR activity.
1. 60% of us say that sex is fun, enjoyable, and a vital part of life. However, only 44% of people are fully satisfied with their sex lives.
2. People become less satisfied with their sex lives as they get older, more so for men than women. This partly because we tend to have sex less often and we have been in relationships longer. People tend to find things less exciting and more monotonous.
3. The ability to achieve orgasm – This is key, Just 48% of people state that they usually orgasm. Globally, twice as many men (64%) as women regularly have orgasms.
4. Frequency of Sex and foreplay. You can have more sex by combining both. While one might be sore the other is available.
5. Emotional Drivers
a. Feeling close to your partner
b. Having an exciting sex life
c. A good first sexual experience 31% of people would like more fun and better communication and intimacy with their partner and 29% a higher sex drive.
Those people who have been in a relationship over 3 years ten to be less inhibited. Its important to try to keep your sex as exciting as possible. 53% of people see benefits from introducing a little experimentation into their sex lives, through role play, massage, giving anal sex, sexual fantasies, bondage and vaginal sex. This means people need to devote more time and energy into our sex lives. We all need to be less inhibited, being more open and better informed about achieving and giving more pleasure. 66% of people don't use products to enhance their sex lives but half would like to.

12. From
Some notable findings:
1. Kinsey data collected between 1938-1963 found that 9 percent of non-married males and 28 percent of non-married females had engaged in anal sex at least once. Among married subjects, the numbers were much lower--around 11 percent for both men and women.
2. In 1974, Playboy magazine published a huge survey of over 2000 people. Depending on the age of the respondent, between 14 and 25 percent of people said they had tried anal sex at least once.
3. A more recent study, conducted in 1990 at the Kinsey Institute, found that 27 percent of male and 24 percent of female college students had anal sex at least once.
4. One researcher, who surveyed one group of people in the 1970s then another in the late 1980s, offers a good point of comparison. In the first survey, 25 percent of women had anal sex and 8 percent reported engaging in it regularly. In the second, 72 percent had anal sex, and 23 percent reported engaging in it regularly.
5. A 1991 survey of 3200 men (in a nationally representative sample) found that 20 percent of men age 20 to 39 had engaged in anal sex at least once. Fifty percent of the men who had tried it had only tried it once. Interestingly, in this more contemporary study, more older men reported having had anal sex than younger men (27 percent of men age 35 to 39 versus 13 percent of men age 20 to 24).
6. The most recent U.S. data from a national representative sample comes from the 2002 National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG), which was conducted on over 12,000 men and women aged 15 to 44. Results show that 34 percent of men and 30 percent of women reported engaging in anal sex at least once.
7. In a 1996 survey of Swedish women aged 18 to 74, about 20 percent of women overall reported having engaged in anal sex--specifically, 28 percent of 25 to 34 year-olds and 2 percent of 66 to 74 year-olds.

13. Statistics:
For example, in ancient Peruvian cultures, at least half of all married couples indulged in anal intercourse in their lovemaking experiences. In addition, a more recent survey of 5000 married couples in rural Brazil found that in 40% of households, anal sex is regularly included in the lovemaking experience.

Furthermore, in Rio de Janeiro, the figure is even higher at around 50%. These figures are high mostly because the couples want to avoid pregnancy, contact with menstrual blood, and rupturing the hymen before marriage. But there is surely more to anal sex than issues of contraception and chastity. Today, with modern and efficient contraceptive tools and early sexual experiences, anal sex is practiced for pleasure. In North America, Redbook Magazine surveyed 100,000 married women on their anal sex practices. Here is what the survey said:

- 43% of married women have tried anal intercourse.
- Of these, 40% found it somewhat or very enjoyable.
- 49% didn't like it.
- And 10% had no particular feelings one-way or the other (no pun intended)."
Lovemaking From Behind David Strovny

14. More Statistics
1. The sex industry earns $57 billion World Wide and $12 Billion in the U.S. (2001 statistic) and in 2001 surpassed revenues made from major league baseball, football, and basketball combined.
2. 2004 global sex survey by Durex. 35% of porn watchers watch it with their partners.
3. In 2006 Internet Porn is double the combined revenue than of ABC, NBC, and CBS
4. Pornographic websites are visited 3x more than Google, MSN, and Yahoo COMBINED!
5. Sex is the number one search term plugged into Google and Yahoo
6. The real aha is for women. Women are more than a ¼ of the people visiting porn sites, one out of every four porn surfers is a woman. Sex Industry Search