Arouse Her Anal Ecstasy Consulting:

Arouse Her Anal Ecstasy Consulting: For couples seeking a system tailored specifically to their needs, taking into account their previous experiences, schedules, and concerns. We will design erotic sessions just for you to implement the techniques of Arouse Her Anal Ecstasy so that the experience gives you both maximum pleasure, without going through a lot of trial and error.
If you are a busy couple and don't have the time it takes to plan, purchase, build/set-up, and organize for the Arouse Her Anal Ecstasy process, we will:
- Design the ambience
- Address specific desires or challenges
- Conduct a one hour webinar on the concepts in the book
- Teach you how to be prepare, implement, and delight each other through the Arouse Her Anal Ecstasy process
- Conduct a follow up session to make sure you are very happy with the progress and are satisfying one another's unique needs

So if you want to make sure you do everything right, so that both of you experience only pleasure—then this is the solution for you.

Erotic Fantasy Consulting:

For couples who want to try something new, get wilder, and spice up their love lives with a night so hotly erotic that it will leave both of you smiling and daydreaming for weeks. It takes time to design, plan, and implement an erotic evening. The person in charge of the evening has to purchase toys, blindfolds, straps, music, oils, props, and the right music, all of which takes time and product knowledge. Room set-up, music sequencing, and designing the sequence of fantasy takes creativity. Many couples are busy and don't have time for the necessary legwork but would love to enjoy a night of flowing together. We are here to help you. We can provide a variety of erotic fantasy options. We will identify what you want to experience, assess the location, and work with you to transform your location into your own erotic, sexual realm of ecstasy. We will supply the music, design, props, and structure of the evening. We will script how you will seduce each other and the specific ways for giving pleasure (the what and the how). We can meet locally in the Bay Area or remotely through web conference and telephone to coordinate implementation.

Our consulting fee is $100 per hour for web conference. If you are local and would like a fantasy set-up, so you can enjoy the evening without the preparation, get a specific assessment,
go to Contact EF.