Unique Value

The Unique Value and Erotic Pleasures This Book Will Give You and Your Lover.

"Arouse Her Anal Ecstasy" is a very different from other books on anal sex, it focuses on how to introduce a woman to anal sexuality with a pleasurable and painless detailed step-by-step system. This book teaches exactly what to do and how to do it. You will give her incredible orgasms by stimulating multiple erogenous zones, and she will love it!

1. The What and The How - The pleasure promise and how this book will deliver it:
- The 7 Days To Pleasure System and the SEPOR Method give a clearly defined strategy on how to take it slow with your woman, so the process is pleasurable for her from beginning to end.
- Learn how to approach communication, building trust, and proper preparation.

2. For Whom - Erotic delight for women and couples. This book is designed to pleasure a woman. So it is for woman who is interested in anal sexuality. Also, for a man who wants give incredible pleasure to his woman by having her enjoy anal sexuality, but does not want to be that guy who tried and ended up hurting her (she never forgets that experience and tells her friends about it). Ultimately, this book is for couples who want to expand their realms of passionate and erotic pleasure forever!

3. Why - the unmet need to provide a detailed step-by-step system to painless anal pleasure. The other books in the marketplace do not provide an illustrated step-by-step guide on how to take it slow, they state "take it slow" but do not define what is "slow", that is why this book was written. If you go too fast you will hurt your woman. She will not trust you and most likely not want to try again. Consequently, she will end up adamantly against anal sexuality and will be irritated by your future requests, if you do not take the time to do it right.