Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Introduction – The Unique Value and Erotic Pleasures This Book Will Give You and Your Lover

1.1 The What and The How – the pleasure promise and how will this book deliver it
1.2 For Whom – erotic delight for women and couples
1.3 Why – the unmet need to provide a detailed step-by-step system to painless anal pleasure
1.4 The Solution and Benefits – all the HOT rewards you will experience
1.5 The Difference – The pleasurable difference a couple will feel using the techniques in this book and

Chapter 2
Arouse of Her Mind, Body, and Soul - The Path to Flowing Together with the Sepor Method and The 7 Days to Pleasure System

2.1 Satisfy her soul so you can discover new pleasures with trust
2.2 Seduce her body so her mind eagerly wants more – The SEPOR Method
2.3 Communication - Arousing her sexuality to new exciting heights
2.4 The 7 Days to Pleasure System
2.5 Assess how she feels about anal play so you design the process exactly for her
2.6 Day One - Beginning a new world of pleasure
2.7 Day Two - Feel the warmth of my passion

Chapter 3
Prepare For Pleasure - Making Anal Play Good, Clean, Fun

3.1 Hygiene- making the pleasure zones delicious and safe for ultimate delight
3.2 Clean up for anal play
3.3 Other hygiene and health considerations
3.4 Toys for explosive anal orgasms, making the process completely pleasurable
3.5 Lubricants – Enabling wetness to take her to a new world of pleasure

Chapter 4
Seduction Philosophy- Taking The Time to Enjoy The Process of Pleasuring Her and Giving Her Delicious Orgasms Every Little Step of The Way - Day 3 to Day 7 in Detail

4.1 Body Seduction
4.2 Patience is pleasure
4.3 Set-up ahead of time to be smooth during
4.4 The process in detail, Day 3 to 7
4.5 Day Three - Triple her pleasure
4.6 Day Four - Vibrate her soul
4.7 Day Five - Expand her ecstasy
4.8 Day Six - Entering the Gem of intimacy
4.9 Day Seven – Hear those magical words you've been waiting for, “Give me more, more”

Chapter 5
Erotic Anal Play - Delicious Stimulation for Both of You

5.1 Erotic AZ Play and Positions
a. E3
b. Palms of Pleasure
c. The V-Spot Massage
d. The V-Spot Massage and Vibe Combo
e. Missionary Work..It’s All About Giving
f. Tongue Tingle
g. Pleasure Twists
h. The CrissCross
i. The Straddle and Flip
j. Good Vibes
k. Pearls
l. Finger Tips
m. Eyes Wide Shut
n. Upside Down Gem Spot
o. Gem 69
p. Upside down V-Lick
q. Ride-Em
r. Ride-Him Upside Down
s. G&G
t. Reverse Cowgirl Massage
u Bend Over Beautiful
v. Naughty Butterfly
w. U-Spot Love
x. Bottoms Up
y. Body Quake
z. Hand Quake
5.2 Waves of Variety
5.3 Exercises for her to enhance the experience to another level
5.4 Ever evolving pleasure
5.5 Erotic Flow

Chapter Summaries