Ladies, in an effort to expand the variety in our bedroom, my boyfriend and I read Arouse Her Anal Ecstasy. My man has always longed to add anal pleasure to our sex lives, but due to a painful experience in my past, I wrote off anal sex, and judged that it was not for me. We implemented the highly pleasurable and easy techniques, and in time I was experiencing mind-blowing orgasms from clitoral and vaginal stimulation and anal penetration simultaneously!!! My boyfriend is well endowed, and I was skeptical in the beginning, fearing that it might hurt, but it did not. Your man will learn just how to get you relaxed, excited, and eager for this erotic treat!

Mariana L.

When I first tried anal a long time ago with a boyfriend, it was SO painful and I swore I would never try it again. But then I read "The Book" with my boyfriend, and we tried it and it was amazing! We went really slowly and gradually at first, just like the book suggests, and it didn't hurt. Instead, it felt really good. And over time, I was wanting that more than regular sex because it felt so good. I think one thing I didn't understand about anal was that you can still have face-to-face sex, so it can still be intimate and incredibly sexy at the same time. And doing anal this way, it was easy to stimulate my clit at the same time--either by him or with a toy--an incredible combination. I can't say enough about how grateful I am that we learned this technique for anal, and now it's part of our regular sexual repertoire. Oh yeah, and my boyfriend is pretty incredibly happy with it, too. A huge thank you from him!

Lisa T.

The techniques taught in this book are unlike anything that I have ever read before and it works! I had tried anal sex before and it hurt going in, going out and during the entire ordeal. I thought it was simply that I didn't like anal sex but after understanding that there was a correct method it completely transformed my sex life. After studying these techniques there was absolutely no discomfort in the beggining which was surprising because he is more endowed than any previous partner I've had; the first time my boyfriend tried it I didn't believe that he was inside my anus; I had him take a picture to show me! No pain at all; only pleasure. Once it was inside, along with some other playful techniques mentioned in the book, I was able to have the most intense orgasm of my life ... and that is not an exaggeration. What I enjoy most about this method is that it doesn't require a big change in my sex life; it compliments what I am already doing but with great easy suggestions. I don't know about you but my mom didn't teach me about anal sex so having this book is useful and has added an amazing layer of sensuality that I wasn't aware of. My boyfriend loves it and I am grateful for it.

Cynthia G.

Ouch!!! That was what I associated with "anal sex." I had only experienced pain and discomfort when it came to anal sex in my 10 years of sexual history. It had been my experience that every male I encountered had the one fantasy of anal sex and had no clue what it entailed. Anal sex had been introduced to me by several partners and had left me running for the door. I never in my life believed that I could receive any type of pleasure out of anal sex. I simply wanted to do it to please my partner. I researched many times how to go about it in the most painless way and had found little or nothing on this topic, which was displayed as pleasurable and painless in every porn video created. It wasn't until my boyfriend implemented the techniques in this book and took his time to introduce me to anal sex in a sensual way through this methodical process, that I not only was comfortable with anal sex but found it pleasurable. After my first full penetration session, there was no turning back. I wanted to replay the intense orgasm that I had received through anal sex over and over. The methods and process in this book will change your sexual experience when it comes to becoming aroused by anal sex and obtaining an orgasm. It will give you an out-of-body, intimate experience with your partner that I guarantee you have never experienced!

Jennifer M.