Chapter 2 - Arousal of Her Mind, Body, and Soul

Chapter 2 - Arousal of Her Mind, Body, and Soul

So, let's get started! I originally was going to call the book "Gem Pleasure" because throughout the book I refer to a woman's anal ring and the inside as her "Gem." "Gem" is the term I thought of because it is a beautiful and precious part of her body that can give her lots of sexual satisfaction. In order for her to enjoy ecstasy there, you are going to have to fall in love with pleasuring her everywhere—her mind, body, and soul. When you are pleasuring her, you get lost in that moment; there is nothing else that exists, and every ounce of your energy is there. It feels like you are coming to orgasm from giving her pleasure and making her feel incredible. She will notice your passion.

So, let's stimulate her mind and soul, and talk about intimacy. Although this is not a book on relationships, communication and intimacy are important when venturing into anal sexuality. Since anal sex is a very intimate experience, you and your partner should have good communication and a playful attitude towards trying new things in the bedroom. Make sure you know what makes her feels most cared for or loved by you. Find out her "must have" to feel cared for: Is it what you do for her and how you do those things? Is it the things you say and how you say them? Or is it the kinesthetic feeling she has when you hold each other?

Find out how she receives and how she expresses her caring/love. Tell her your "must have" for receiving and expressing caring/love. To have her be open to sexual exploration, you first need to put in the effort to make sure she feels appreciated, beautiful, cared for, sexy, and important. She needs to feel comfortable with you and feel that she can trust you to listen to her if she says to slow down or stop due to discomfort from going too fast, and that you will gladly listen. Building trust is crucial—just put yourself in her shoes. You need to let her know, it does not matter how long it takes because you are there to give her pleasure and enjoy each other's passion. Let her know that even if it takes weeks or months for her, it does matter, because you are there to enjoy the sensual and erotic experiences of the journey. The 7 Days to Pleasure System provides a minimum number of days to make it happen, but depending on your size and your woman, you might need to add more days. That is okay! You will get there and be happy that you enjoyed the journey.

Seduce her body so her mind eagerly wants more -The SEPOR Method

The SEPOR Method is makes every step of the process an incredibly pleasurable experience. The O in the SEPOR Method stands for orgasm, if you know what makes her orgasm, do that that to her for every step in the 7 Days to Pleasure System. Do not focus on the goal getting her to orgasm, just get lost in the moment with her, indulge in the pleasuring of her. Let her feel that all your passion and energy is being sent to her in every lick, kiss, suck, and caress. When you both get lost in the moment without a goal, you thoroughly enjoy the incredible pleasure you two are experiencing, and she can feel your heart, soul, and how turned-on you are from experiencing that passion together. That is when she will tend to orgasm for you.

Day One - The beginning of a new world of pleasure

After implementing the communication advice, you are now ready to begin phase one. Have her lay her on her back. Kiss, lick, and caress her lips, neck, shoulders, breasts, nipples, stomach, pelvic area, stomach, thighs and all her erogenous zones. Use your fingers to start sensually playing with her clitoris and pussy. Have her spread her legs wide, so you have stimulate her Gem. You are going to move from kissing her lips, to her breasts, to her stomach while simultaneously lightly caressing her clitoris and pussy lips.

You want to spend time getting her really wet in this manner, while slowly applying more passion to your caress of her pussy. Slowly dip the tip of your finger in her pussy to let out more wetness. As your finger starts to get wetter, go in a little deeper and put slight pressure downward to the bottom of her pussy,(the perineal sponge is a an arousal area). The downward pressure will allow more wetness to come out from her pussy so you can guide it down to her tang (the area in between her pussy and gem). Spread the wetness around her tang with your finger while caressing her clitoris with your thumb and sensually circle your fingers around her Gem. Massage and play with the area around her Gem, while simultaneously playing with her clitoris and kissing her other erogeneous zones.