Erotic Flow Overview

Erotic Flow Overview

Erotic Flow was written to inspire you to seduce your lover's mind, body, and soul. 'Erotic' is creative, sensual, and passionate sexual expression. 'Flow' is two entities becoming one, sending each other erotic energy, and getting lost in the moment. Hence, Erotic Flow is creatively expressing the art of your erotic soul, it's about creating moments when you and your lover's passion, energy, and soul become one. Moments when you become lost in each other, when nothing else exists, except the intense, deep, and delicious connection with your lover.

Erotic Flow is about giving pleasure with every cell in your body and having every ounce of your soul engulfed in the ecstasy of each other's chemistry, when you feel every kiss, lick, and suck coming from your entire body. It is stimulating the senses (what she/he sees, tastes, smells, hears, and feels) and ultimately seducing each other's mind, body, and soul. Below are the topics covered in the book.

Seducing the mind and body:

1. Seducing the mind - creativity, spontaneity, sensuality, intimacy, wildness, animalistic passion, erotic fantasy, and love
2. Seducing all of her senses - what she sees, hears, smells, tastes, and feels
3. Seducing her body - neck, legs, breasts, thighs, calves, feet, toes, stomach, back, small of back, pelvic bone, and pussy area (surrounding area, lips, clitoris, tang, ass, cheeks, U-Spot, G-Spot, A-Spot, perineal sponge, and culdesac)

Seducing her soul:

4. Flowing Together - Becoming One - Getting lost in the moment, nothing else exists, you are fully engulfed in the experience of each other.
5. Cultivating Erotic Energy and Exciting The Soul – How generating intense erotic energy from your heart and soul you and send it to your hands and sending it to your lips, tongue, fingers, cock, pussy, and give intense pleasure to your lover.

Erotic Flow:

6. Delightfully expanding your lovers sexual boundaries
7. Enjoying the full range of experience from erotic sensuality to rough animalistic passion
8. Creating creative erotic experiences and fantasies, that will leave you grinning for a lifetime

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